I.C.U. is a horror game set on a reality TV show controlled by a live audience. It was created and developed by Keenan 'Criken' Mosimann and was recently funded on Kickstarter. Backers can look forward to access to the Development Test Streams. Launch is not yet scheduled.


I.C.U. is a multiplayer game played between a livestreamer (the contestant) and their viewers (the audience). As the contestant, the goal is to make it out of the episode alive, while the viewers get to customize the gamplay. This includes the surroundings, features and events. This to create the most entertaining experience possible.

The game is developed episodically with each episode set in a new environment complete with its own resident monster and arsenal of audience modifiers. The more a viewer watches and interacts with the streamers' progress through the world of I.C.U., the more I.C.U. Coins the viewer earns. These can then be spent to affect the streamer's game with instant Trick events. Examples of this are Drunkard (the screen shows everything in double - or even triple) and Shrinking. Other planned affects include Bullet Time, Special Delivery and Loot Gremlin. More are coming.

Viewers can also 'react' in-game by clicking on a reaction modifier. This portrays a reaction in the form of an emoji in the streamer's view. To access these features, viewers will need to use a web-based I.C.U. control panel. From here viewer can see the Activity Feeds, the map and their own Viewer Profile.





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