The ForestEdit

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Step into the dark forest, lit only by the glow of the moon and the beacons from our safe-houses... Keep your eyes peeled – and a flashlight handy -- as something might just be right behind you!

The contestant's objective is to reach all three shacks hidden throughout the forest. Each will trigger a level modifier voted for by the audience to make the level more interesting! Progressing through shacks brings the contestant one step closer to the exit – and thus their rewards!

But as  the streamer progresses through the forest, they will hear whispers from the trees, and be left with the eerie feeling they are being watched. That's because they are. 

Viewer Interaction

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The contestant has just entered the deep brush and are fumbling their way around to the shacks that lie within. As they make their way, views will be able to vote for the first challenge. Will the contestant get shrunk down to the size of a small child, or will they have to progress while seeing double via drunk glasses. 

As an audience member, the more viewers watch and interact with streamers' progress through the world of I.C.U., the more I.C.U. Coins they can earn along the way. Spend these coins to affect the streamer's game with instant Trick events!

Push the player into oncoming danger, spin them around to make them lose their sense of direction, or give them a friendly slap up the bum to instill a sense of urgency!

Forest MonsterEdit

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The monster of I.C.U.'s first episode is an organic guardian of this living forest. Composed of the bodies of fallen contestants, this behemoth is a shambling force of vengeance looking to assimilate you into its ecosystem. Contestants may not be able to stop this force of nature fiend, but they can definitely slow him! The ultraviolet flashlight has the ability to slow and even stun the monster when focused on him. There's no hiding from this mossy man; the contestant must either face the monster or fall. 

As the contestant makes their way through the forest, with audience enhancements littering the experience, they will be fighting not only for their survival, but for glory! The most successful contestants will earn a ranking based on both their in-game performance and the spending efficacy of their viewers, so that both the survival masters and the mass entertainers can attract new audiences.